Types of Shooting Events

There are different types of shooting events.

Prone - this event is shot lying down on stomach, range distance is 50m, 60 scoring shots, peep sights. This event is shot at the Olympics

3 Position - shooter fires 20 or 40 scoring shots from each position of Prone, Standing and Kneeling. This event is regarded as the premier event internationally and is shot at the Olympics.

Benchrest - an event rapidly gaining popularity.  Shooters shoot from a sturdy table (bench) whilst seated. Rifle is held in place by a sturdy front rest and a rear sand bag.  Generally a high power telescopic sight is used.  This event provides satisfying results to beginner and expert alike.

Air Rifle - 40 or 60 scoring shots from the standing position in an indoor building.  Extremely challenging as the bullseye is less than 1mm! Shot at the Olympics.

If you wish to get a state ranking for either Air Rifle, Prone, 3P or Benchrest you can compete in various Prize Shoots through southern Qld.  Coaching and training is freely available to take you to the next level and we encourage participation in the QTS listed prize shoots.  It is also a great social occasion and a great way to meet new friends.

If you wish to take your shooting sport to the highest level then you need to earn a national ranking for either the ISSF disciplines (Air, Prone, 3P) or RBA Benchrest.  You are then welcome to attend and compete in the various national ranking shoots.  The Australian ISSF rifle team for Oceania Continental Championships, World Cup's, World Championships, & Commonwealth Games is chosen based upon national ranking.  If you wish to shoot at the Olympics not only do you have to make the Australian rifle team but you also have to earn a Quota Place for your nation at various listed events prior to the Olympic Games.


If you are interested in national representation for Benchrest then you will need to attend the various RBA national selection events.  Refer to the NSW RBA website or see John or Andrew.